Circa 1937, when a not-so-mad scientist creates a female mate for her mentor’s lonely creation, deadly results reveal that love is not an exact science.


2017 SOSE International Film Festival ("Bride of Frankie")

2017 Genre Blast Film Festival ("Bride of Frankie")

2017 Midwest Sci-Fi Film Festival ("Bride of Frankie)

2017 Chautauqua Film Festival ("Bride of Frankie")

2017 North Carolina Gay & Lesbian Film Festival ("Bride of Frankie")

2017 Dragon Con Film Festival

2017 Film Festival Kitzbuhel Austria 

2017 Gen Con Film Festival Selection

2017 Horror Hotel Film Festival Honorable Mention 

2017 Out Film Connecticut 

2017 Cayfilm International Film Festival 

2017 New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival Selection

2017 Athens International Film Festival Selection

2017 QFLIX Philadelphia Film Festival Selection 

2017 Night Terrors Film Festival 2nd Place Audience Choice 


Directed by: Devi Snively


Shot on ARRI ALEXA with Zeiss Super Speed Lenses